Success Stories

“Chris is an excellent nutrition coach. He gave me clear goals every week that gave me a sense of progress. This helped me break my own bad habits bit by bit. As a result, I feel better able to get back on track if I stray from the path.”

Jamie B.

“I started working with Chris not even knowing what I wanted out of it. Here’s the thing though.. It isn’t just a program, it’s having a coach in Chris, and he will help you find out what you need and help you get there.. Whether it’s helping you be compassionate with yourself, or lighting a fire under your ass and helping you be real with yourself… He’s there for ya”

Matthew B.

“Working with Chris has been awesome. He quickly recognized what is important to me and quickly adjusted programming and priorities to help me with MY goals.”

Stephen W.

“Following a training and nutrition plan gives me some sense of organization and two fewer things to worry about during the day. Chris’s coaching has taught me how to remain more present when I spend with my family.”

Maria M.

“I’m not as hard on myself for “missing” or choosing not to do a workout. I know the difference between a want and a need. I also can recognize the difference between a food want, craving and/or emotional need. My mindset has shifted. The mindset work ended up being the most important part for me. It allowed me to be consistent, to make habits that dominate my other thought processes. I workout because I want to not because I feel as though I have to or need to. I give myself grace. I totally forgot about my measurements for weeks and then realized I lost 10 pounds. I didn’t need that number, though, because I knew I was feeling better. I felt it. I had more energy, my mind felt less anxious and clear, and I was leading the life I always dreamed without limiting beliefs or values.”

Marisa M.

“Chris is an incredible coach – not only in his expertise in nutrition/fitness which many have – but in his application of coaching to total LIFE happiness, which is really what we are seeking. He is a bright light of positivity while also being logical, firm and compassionate.”

Ami F.

“Even if you just think you want to physically change, the mental change is HUGE. I feel like I didn’t expect to mentally change, adapt and reframe my years of disordered thoughts around food, eating, nourishment and what we deem “healthy.” I never felt as though I had to sacrifice anything. I feel as though I only ADDED to my PLATE and my LIFE. Nothing was off limits, which is why I’m so excited to go further in my own health, fitness and mental journey. I feel as though the habits and skills learned will only grow with me, as well as the physical weight I’ve lost and the strength I’ve gained. I’m not in pain, either, while or after working out and training. Chris is awesome at working with you, designing a program for you and helping you realize where and how you can make adjustments in your life, gradually, that will stick forever. I can’t see myself going back to my old frame of mind on fitness, nutrition and mental health. I feel released, alive and so excited for what’s next! If you want to gain this, please consider making the investment in yourself – it was worth everything!”

Maggie M.

“Honestly I felt like I was drowning prior to our talks. I didn’t need a lot of fixing but I needed to find the balance I always had. I was out of balance and lost. You helped me realize that due to new factors in my life I cannot go back to the old ways and had to develop new ways to achieve the balance. I also have created so many more healthy eating habits and have maintained them. All the steps you gave were small and easy to fix. Bigger steps are not achievable for me and you found the perfect approach. What you did was amazing and just having you take the time to break it down then way you did was the perfect approach.”

Keith N.