Online Coaching

Currently, I am accepting applications for 1:1 online coaching specifically focused on fat loss & gaining strength.

Here are a few of the results you can expect when we work together.

“Chris is an excellent nutrition coach. He gave me clear goals every week that gave me a sense of progress. This helped me break my own bad habits bit by bit. As a result, I feel better able to get back on track if I stray from the path.”

Jamie Bakerman

” I truly love how the programming is structured. I am seeing a ton of progress, and I keep setting PRs! “

Nicole T

“The flexibility and having access to Chris as an expert guide on nutrition made everything more manageable. We built a foundation that made tracking calories less intimidating. The skills are becoming more autonomous, and weight management is a sweet byproduct of the skill work.”


“I was truly shocked by the pictures. I look at these pictures I send you, and only see how far I still have to go, and work really hard on not going down the negative rabbit hole. And today I saw how far I have come, and know I have done this hard work and it shows.”


” I have learned so much about human behavior, physiology, and psychology, and applying it to my body helped me to develop a sense of confidence that I am in control and that I can accomplish things because I’m putting in the work. That’s something I’ve never had before!”

John M

“Following a training and nutrition plan gives me some sense of organization and two fewer things to worry about during the day. Chris’s coaching has taught me how to remain more present when I spend with my family.”

Which type of online coaching are you interested in?