eating at maintenance

Yes, sometimes I will have a client start to eat more calories, and magically, they will begin to lose weight or have an easier time adding muscle.

It’s like when I told my fat loss client, John, to start eating closer to 2,700 instead of the 1,600 calories he was eating. His exact words were something along the lines of:

“Are you f*cking sure?” 😅

Once we increased calories, he lost weight and found it easier to have enough energy to make it to the gym.

John’s progress. 🤓

Now was this because he was in StArVaTiOn mode? Nope, because no one struggling to lose weight is in starvation mode. I am happy to tell you that because I would be very worried about you if you were genuinely experiencing starvation. Most likely, you wouldn’t be reading this post on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop in the middle of the afternoon.

My client started to eat within a calorie range that he could more easily adhere to, and as a result, he had more energy to exercise, go for walks, and keep up with his family.

For any of my clients who have experience with yo-yo dieting, we don’t start by cutting calories. That’s pretty silly because that’s what they’ve been doing, and it hasn’t worked out thus far.

Don’t be such an eager beaver when it comes to weight loss. Spending time eating at maintenance will make life easier. In that time, you can practice foundational eating skills like:

👉 Noticing hunger and fullness.
👉 Establishing an eating schedule.
👉 Practicing eating balanced plates.
👉 Looking at your bedtime routine.
👉 Adding movement into your life: Going for walks.

These are just a few foundational skills that can come before you even take a gander at manipulating calories. 😉

Someone who promises rapid weight loss is just promising you rapid weight gain.

Everyone is on their own timeline for health and wellness. Don’t try to match someone else’s tempo because you’ll end up back where you started.

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