FAQ: How Should I Warm Up? 

I love this question and wanted to do something a little different to try and answer it. So I filmed a general warm-up for you to check out. Before getting to the video, read through all the goods first. 😉

Try to be specific with your warm-up.  

Honestly, there was a period when my warm-up would take 30 minutes. I was much younger and was trying to do too many things. Save your time and energy. 

Don’t spend 20 minutes warming up your shoulders if you are training your legs. 😉 

You are prepping your body for the session. So, focus on what’s important. 

Here’s a quick example of a general warm-up that you can use for any training session. You can do more or less based on your specific training day/needs.  

👉 360 Breathing 1×10 breaths 

👉 Arm Bar Variation 1×5 (per leg) 

👉 T-Spine Rotation 1×5 (per side)  

👉 Rocking 1 x 10 

👉 Squat to Spiderman 1×1 minute 

One final thought on warm-ups.  

Once you finish the warm-up, get going, and don’t waste time sitting on your phone, that’s for between sets. 😅 

In my experience coaching others and myself, you want to program the most demanding skill first. For instance, your heavy lift would go first and wouldn’t be a part of a conditioning circuit. If you are working on a specific skill such as the handstand or pull-up, that will go first, too!  

You will adjust weights and movements as you move through your training session, taking them down a notch. This form of programming allows you to focus on strength and conditioning without running the risk of injury.  

Learn from my mistakes. Your body will thank you. 

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