• The Best Meal Plan for Parents Trying To Lose Weight

    The Best Meal Plan for Parents Trying To Lose Weight

    This article lays out the best meal plan for parents trying to lose weight; however, the same principles apply to anyone trying to lose weight.  You will learn the foods to eat and avoid to lose weight as fast as possible, all while keeping your busy schedule.

  • How To Stay Full In A Calorie Deficit

    How To Stay Full In A Calorie Deficit

    Hunger is normal, especially when you are in a calorie deficit. However, you really shouldn’t be hungry all the time.   So sit down & gear up for a jam-packed article that will teach you how to feel full while in a calorie deficit.  The first section will explain the difference between hunger and craving.  The…

  • How Often Should You Eat For Weight loss?

    How Often Should You Eat For Weight loss?

    I have been coaching for a decade and am about to answer a hot topic question.   “How many meals should I eat while trying to lose weight?”  By the end of this article, you will know the answer and be able to plan your meals for the week.  Weight Loss and Numbers Calories matter.  No…

  • Are you in starvation mode?

    Are you in starvation mode?

    I want to share with you a story about a client named Jason.   Jason started coaching with me because he wanted to lose weight to be able to go on more hikes with his kids, and his doctor warned him that he was in danger of developing diabetes. During our first meeting, he told me…

  • 5 Ways To Make Meal Prep Easier

    5 Ways To Make Meal Prep Easier

    When I was ten, my mom taught me basic culinary skills. I learned how to whisk eggs, prepare chicken, and even bake things in the oven. Some nights when mom would work late, she would call ahead and ask me to bread the chicken cutlets or put something in the oven. She was a single…

  • 5 Ways To Stay Consistent

    5 Ways To Stay Consistent

    A lot is happening in the world right now and to be honest trying to stay consistent with your nutrition and training can feel like an up uphill battle.    I won’t sit here and tell you that it’s easy and you just need to work harder.  It’s not fair to tell someone to show…

  • Is Fasting The Answer?

    Is Fasting The Answer?

    Fasting is a popular topic, and some believe it is hands down the best way to lose weight and improve overall health.   So, the question is, does fasting improve your health, and is it the best way to lose weight?  The answer is… it depends on who the person is, their relationship with food, and…

  • Mindful Eating Is Helpful

    Mindful Eating Is Helpful

    Today is my son’s 2nd birthday. I can’t believe that my little dude is two; he is pretty cool and teaches me a lot about life. I want to share the most valuable lesson TJ has taught me this year. It’s important to enjoy what you eat and not ignore your hunger. TJ is the…

  • Should You Weigh Yourself?

    Should You Weigh Yourself?

    Written by Chris McMahon “Should I weigh myself?” is a popular question, and my honest answer is: It depends.   It depends on your relationship with the scale.   It depends on your particular weight management goals.   It depends on if you even own a scale. (You can use the gym or borrow a friend’s, but they…

  • How To Track Your Macros

    How To Track Your Macros

    By Chris McMahon When you eat, you are taking in energy. While you go about your daily life, you are burning that energy.    Energy balance plays a role in your weight management. This concept is referred to it as Calories-In, Calories Out.  If you take in more energy than you use, you can gain…